Welcome to the home of Slough Synchronised Ice Skating.  

We are the Slough synchronised skating club and we skate from Slough Ice Arena in Montem Lane, Slough. 

We are four teams but we are one club and we all work together to support all of the teams, as one.

For the 2018/9 season, we are fielding four teams in the following categories:

  • Elementary

    Under the age of 16 at Passport Level or above up to Field Moves 2.

  • Preliminary

    Under the age of 21 and Field Moves 2 or below for our Preliminary team.

  • Senior B  

    Field Moves 3 and above for our Senior B team

  • Adult.

    NISA Passport Gold and aged 18 and above for our Adult team.

We have just returned from a successful competition at Ice Arena Wales Cardiff where our teams performed really well.

Both the Adult and Senior B teams took first place winning gold. Our prelim team gained bronze and our elementary team came a very close forth place, in their first outing!  

Our Home

Our Home
We are delighted to be skating at our beautiful home which is the Slough Ice Arena. The Slough Ice Arena has recently undergone an £8 million refurbishment and is a fantastic place to skate!
Our teams skate every Thursday from 5.45 pm to 10pm. If you are interested in finding out more, please use our contact form.

Social Media
You can follow us on Facebook at sloughsynchroskating and Instagram at sloughsynchro